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Use visual DSS algorithm charts to diagnose, evaluate, or manage
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Choose from over 200 charts across 20 specialties. Inventory is
constantly being updated.

Gain a good understanding of the patient's complaint
and/or prognosis before you prescribe.

Pick from over 300 calculators and scoring aids from across
18 specialties.

Explain your diagnosis to patients using pictorial illustrations.

Access a bank of colour illustrations spanning 24 categories.

Need a reliable PMS or Telehealth platform?

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Offer an integrated care experience to your patients.

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Access a patient's history from across doctors that the patient
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Get support to wean your patients away from Google.

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to your practice areas.

Coming soon: To enhance compliance, sending of information relevant
to your diagnosis of the patient and next, related to what you have

Push pre-defined standard post-consultation messages to
your patients.

Help them to follow your advice and manage care at home,
after they step out from your consultation room.

Define CarePaths for the protocols you practice.

Publish predefined or tailored messages aligned with the carepaths
to help patients stay tuned in to your care.

Choose to send your messages in English or 8 other popular
Indian languages.

Publish posts to share your wisdom.

Your posts reach members of your digital patient community.

Publish in English and popular Indian languages.

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Coming soon: Treatment Calendars

Define treatment calendars. Our system will individualize the
calendar you select and set alerts for your patient.

We help patients adhere to the schedule you lay out so as to
improve outcomes.

Refer Standard Treatment Guidelines defined by experts and
approved by the government.

Enhance your practice and improve patient safety.

Need reliable info on disorders?

Refer the MSDPro manual from the comfort of your desk.

Coming soon: Case support

Need help with a case? Reach out to your peers, share the
case, and get inputs.

Organized into 5 modules
for ease of use

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